Online intermediate timing for orienteering - the easy way

Price-structure for renting NovOtime equipment

NovOtime is an intermediate timing system that is rented for each competition and includes modules and equipment for fitting on the controls in the wood, including pickup antennas and chargers. In addition comes the software application that is installed and run on a PC at the competition centre. A central server that is used for relaying and backing up the results is also a part of the system, even though this part is normally not seen by the operator.

The price structure is based on a model that gives a low start cost for small competitions and which grows with the number of competitors running in the competition. There is also a traffic cost involved based on the number of punch-messages transmitted, i.e. that the price depends on the number of runners visiting intermediate controls.

For relays, each lap is counted as one runner, even though special solutions can be negotiated on complicated relay-structures.

For competions going from one day to the next (night runs/relays), competitions spanning less than 12 hours is counted as one day, measured from the first start to the last finish.

Smaller local events can hire equipment with 33% discount compared to listed equipment prices. Traffic and runner costs are the same. This discount do however only apply if the equipment is available and not rented out to for standard competitions.

In addition to equipment rent comes transportation costs. This will be based on express shipment in cases where the equipment is needed for other competitions.

Costs for the use of Eventylon result server can be found at the Eventylon live homepage

Use of the NovOtime simple result-server on smaller comeptions is free provided that you can handle the setup yourself. If help with the setup is necessary, please take contact.

Costs Price first day Price following day(s)
Basic package (incl. 2 modules) 2500 1500
Extra modules 750 450
Extra pickup-antennas (for double controls) Included Included
Runner cost 3 3
Traffic cost (each punch) 0,30 0,30
NovOfinish finishline system Ask for offer Ask for offer

All prices in NOK, ex. vat and ex. shipment

If you need an evaluation of the cost for your orienteering competion, or if you want a fixed offer for the competion, please contact us.