Online intermediate timing for orienteering - the easy way

Result presentation service

NovOtime is basically a data collection system for intermediate timing that detect intermediate punch times on the controls and transfer them fast and secure to the competition centre and makes it available in the competition database in less than a second under normal conditions. The solution chosen for exporting the information to the speaker, to the result-service on the arena and on the internet is entirely up to the administrator of the run. NovOtime can therefor primarily be used with any presentation system. However, to simplify the presentation part for those who don't wish to set up all the presentation themselves, NovOtime can also offer a couple of "ready to go" solutions.

Eventylon live

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NovOtime is cooperating with the Eventylon live website (live.Eventylon, a result presentation server developed and run by Marius Bjugan. Together with Eventylon live, we attempt to make a consept that require as little configuration and planning by the user as possible. For clubs that intends to use NovOtime on a run and at the same time want a simple and straight forward "plug and play" solution, then NovoTime and Eventylon live should be the choice.

This is a system designed for races where an eTiming database is operatad at the competition centre and Eventylon live will then provide a connection to a professionally looking intermediate- and result-presentation running on an internet server. Together with Eventylon live, we try to provide a concept that is easy to run and which demand a minimum of configuration by the user. For clubs that are looking for a professional looking web-interface with a minmum of configuration, the NovOtime/Eventylon live concept is something to consider.

It's worth mentioning that since this system is designed to be easy to set up and since it doesn't require special cabled online-controls or, it opens for the use of intermediate online timing also on smaller events. All clubs that runs a result-service on a PC at the competition centre and have access to a simple internett connection by mobile-phone or modem, can now easily hire NovOtime online modules and get access to web presentation of their results in real time through the Eventylon live website. All this can be achived using their existing cable-free controls.

NovOtime simple server

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As a suplement to the full scale Eventylon live solution, NovOtime can also offer a simpler result server suitable for smaller competitions where a full eTiming or Brikkesys database at the competeition centre is not available. The NovOtime simple server doesn't need any computer resources at the competion centre as all handling is done at the server. The setup necessary can be done by the responsible for the results from home on the morning before the run or event on the evening before. If you have no desire to do any configuration at all, this setup can also be handled remotely by NovOtime.

The simple server is set up based on entry-data downloaded form Eventor, the online competitor registration used in Norway. If there is no Eventor data available, one may generate the setup file manually or run the competion with an empty configuration. In the last case, the results will start with and empty results-page and runners, identified by tag numbers, and controls, idetified by the control code, will be added dynamically. This makes it possible to use online registration on a run without any preperation at all. In fact, you may actually fit the intermediate controls randomly without preparation, event thoug a little planning usually gives a more interrestsing intermediate-list.

Regardless of preparations, on the day of the race, you only have to take the necessary number of modules and bring them out into the wood for fitting on the controls that may already be depolyed. In addition, a NovOtime module is fitted on the start- and finish controls. The time of start, the relative intermediate times and final results are shown in real time together with individual ranking and time differences. The 3 best results i each class is also colour-coded to make the leading runners stand out. Runners that are not identified against preloaded tag-numbers are listed in a separate class called "Unregistered".

After the run is finished, it is only necessary to switch off and collect the modules from the wood. The rest may be handled on the net after you come home. If can't be simpler.

There are limitations in functionality on the NovOtime simple server compared to running a full NovOtime at the competiotion centre and uploading results to Eventylon live, especially when it comes to butterfly courses or other special types of courses. However, with normal courses without loops, the simple server provides an easy and straight forward solution, regardless of whether it is individual or group start.

By clicking on the image at the right, you can get an example from a test run from Halden Skiklubb. Since this example is now a closed run, the class selction buttons doesn't work as the would in a real run. Also, the buttons used for selecting update interval and sound, located in the upper right corner, is not working as it will in a real run. The layout will however be identical with how it would look like on the real run.

Please note that some classes in the example doesn't use control 6/10 with code 33 as this control is only used by the mens class ("Herrer"). On all classes that doesn't use this control, this colum will be marked with a darker gray to signal that it's not in use by this class. This example also show a couple of runners that are running with a different tag compared to what is registered in the system and they are therefore automatically listed under a new class "Uregistrert" ("Unregistered"). By looking at which controls that is active for the different classes, one may - from the pattern of the controls punched - easily see that these two runners belong to the mens class ("Herrer"). In the example, the runners Anders Nordberg and Marcus Millegård have run with an other tag than what was initially registered at Eventor, and the fact that they have punched at control 33 cleraly indicates that they belong to class "Herrer".

Please take contact for additional information if you find this solution interresting for use on smaller runs.

Connection to other result presentation systems

For those that wish to use NovOtime together with other result-presentations systems than Eventylon live, this can also easily be accomplished. NovOtime offers different alternatives for export of intermediate timing data.

The simples way of getting access to the NovOtime intermediate times is by reading the XML-format that the PC-application outputs to file. The user can just extract and use the data that is of interrest for the presentation.

A more adcvanced alternative is to use the custom-interface that is a part of the PC-application. Users with Java programming experience can use this interface to reformat and export data over to other applications in the way they prefer and with exactly the format they need.

The final alternative for bigger users is to export data directly from the NovOtime server and into their own server. Such a server-server connection will be the fastest solution as it doens't need to go the long way via the PC-application with the delays that slow lines and slow PC may impose. The drawback with this solution is that this kind of link cannot be set up by the user themselves, it must be customized by NovOtime acoording to aggrement. Also, the user must have an alternative access to all other data from the competition centre, such as runner data, startlists and so on.